Kevin Kennedy, English/Theatre teacher at Fridley Senior High School, Fridley, Minnesota, former member of the Second City Comedy Theatre in Chicago Illinois, and playwright par excellence:

“Mark mentored me for six years while I worked with him at Hill-Murray School. His wealth of knowledge in all areas of theatre is unsurpassed. I was directing a show where I had a fight scene between two brothers. Everything I tried looked unrealistic and “staged.” Out of frustration I asked Mark to look at the scene and see if he could help fix it. He worked with the actors for literally only fifteen seconds and the scene was transformed. In fact, people told me afterwards that the fight scene in the play was one of the most riveting moments of the show. Mark can help you improve your show on any level. I lean on him for theatre advice all the time.”

Jean Pajunen, Treasurer of the Chamber Music Society of Minnesota:

“Congratulations on your retirement, but even more so, on your new adventures!  Thankfully, you are continuing to share your expertise and inspire young people in the arts arena.  Today, more than ever, they (and all of us) need their spirits fed by what the world of theatre and music have to offer.  Having you as a role model and mentor is invaluable. Your website was fabulous and I’ve added it to my list of favorites. Again, Congratulations and keep up the good work!”


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